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Simplify Love So You Feel Connected Again

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love isn't. Learn simple ways to keep the connection alive.



ONE person, who knows the three things that matter most, can bring back the connection in a relationship. With this proven process and us as your guide, there's no reason to settle for less.

The Simplify Love Process™

1. Discover

It's time to uncover your top needs in love and stop compromising them. We help you imagine your ideal relationship so you can get it.

2. Attract

Communication makes or breaks the romance. Have fun learning the top things to do and NOT to do to attract what you want.

3. Commit

The little rituals matter. We teach you simple ways to connect that don't take much time so you keep growing together not apart.



  • For some people, it feels so hard to communicate with their partner. They just want to be heard and understood. We know why this happens and what to do about it.
  • Many feel like they've lost connection, like they don't have much in common anymore. The key is to know what the first step is.
  • Some seem to have the same disagreements over and over and feel like they can't win. They think the only choices are to stay stuck  or compromise. There's another, much better choice that they're leaving on the table.
  • Many are looking for more certainty, variety, passion, appreciation or growth in their relationship. It's a skill that anyone can learn once they have the information.
  • Some are single or dating but tired of "the game" and want this next relationship to be the one.  Anyone can attract an amazing relationship when they know what to avoid.


Simplify Love is a 5-module online seminar that you can tune into every week or learn at your own pace. We also offer weekly live group coaching calls to answer your specific questions. You can learn from anywhere and any device and always have unlimited access to the course in our membership site.



We're Ricardo and Shannon, and we've been there. In our first marriage to other people, we didn't have the skills to keep the flame alive, to stop the fights, and to grow through the tough times.

A few years ago, we came to a major crossroads. Ricardo got certified as a Master Coach specializing in relationships. To Shannon, he seemed more excited about his career than anything else. She felt them going down separate paths. A year and many conflicts later, she decided to stop feeling left behind and enrolled in the same coaches' training to connect with him again. She got so much more. She personally grew so much that she decided to teach too.

Our desire to help couples connect again comes from our own struggle to figure it out. We know now that there's a simpler, faster way, and we've mapped out the steps for you. We know that it works, and even if you're the only one who acts, you've got the power to make sure you grow together, not apart.

Photo of our first dance on the first night we met, courtesy of Vicky.


When it comes to working through relationship challenges, many people are so close to their issue that they don't know where to start. Many think that both people in the relationship need to be fully engaged to make positive change happen. Simplify Love helps individuals see that change starts with one person in the couple discovering what they need, learning to attract it, and committing to it.

We know how hard it is to get over relationship challenges, especially when emotions are strong or if it's something you've been dealing with for a while.

We're a couple that's relentless about seeking what makes our love and passion grow every single day. We're both certified Master Coaches in Neurolinguistics, so we understand the core human emotional needs in love, and how to guide you to communicate it in a way that will attract it and keep it in your love life. Before becoming a coach, Ricardo spent 15 years behind the chair as a hair stylist, clocking 27,000+ hours listening to and advising hundreds of women about their relationships. "I saw that ONE thing set the successful ones apart: they knew that ONE person could make the difference in the relationship."

You can make the difference too. When you buy the online course, you will:

  1. Get clarity about your #1 need in a relationship, what's holding you back and how to get your ideal relationship.
  2. Learn the top four skills in communicating with your partner so that you attract what you want in your love life.
  3. Set yourself up for continued success with the help of our simple framework for connecting again and growing together rather than apart even if your partner isn't in this program.

Remember, people are drawn to pleasure and away from pain. If you and your partner are stuck in a challenge, putting off important conversations, playing games if dating, criticizing each other silently or outwardly, or putting other things first before each other, these are all warning signs that threaten further withdrawal in the relationship or worse. At a minimum, it causes unnecessary prolonged uncertainty, disappointment or frustration. Once you simplify love, your relationship will grow. People who learn to prevent the top relationship complications have an amazing love life. Buy the Simplify Love online course today. Why? Because there's always something you can do. There's no need to accept a mediocre relationship when we've proven that one person taking a small step can shift the whole dynamic of a relationship so you get what you really want.


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After working with us, your knowledge of what it takes to make a relationship work will be transformed. You'll see that ONE person focusing on simplifying love CAN make a relationship go right.

Our promise to you is that we'll be sharing examples from our relationship and mistakes from past ones, putting our hearts on the line to serve you better..

After successfully completing our online course, you'll have more clarity on your needs, be better able to communicate them, know what makes you and your partner tick, and have new rituals that can deepen your connection every day.

Our dream for you is that your needs are met, you are heard and understood, you can more easily get through the things you’re stuck on, and that you feel happier and more connected than ever.



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